Mouse: HNCN1.4-Sce NHEJ Reporter Cell line (Includes I-Sce1 Transfection)



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TopoGEN scientists have created a novel, cell based kit to follow NHEJ by simply assaying for the presence of GFP positive cells (Fig 1).

Product Info

Kit Contents

  1. HN-CN1.4 Cells ready for culture in T-25 flask or as a frozen cell pellet (customer may request either).  We offer frozen cells to customers who wish to store the cells for a future date of use.  We also can send live cells to customers wishing to start working immediately with the line.
  2. I-Sce1 gene expression plasmid, pSCE1.
  3. Neomycin.
  4. A detailed protocol describing how to set and use this kit for assaying NHEJ mechanisms in the cell host provided.

Shipping & Storage

Customers may request receiving a reporter cell line ready for culture (shipped at ambient temperature). The cells can be stored at 4° C for no more than one week before plating. Other reagents should be stored at 4° C (short term) or -20° C (long term) upon receipt. Customers may also request frozen cells, which must be placed in ultra-low freezer (-80° C) or in liquid nitrogen storage, until ready for use.




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