Homologous Recombination (HR) DNA Reporter


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Kit Contents

  1. Effector Plasmid DNA: pSCE1 expresses the mega-endonuclease I-Sce1 at high levels
  2. Reporter Plasmid DNA:  DR-HRGFP.  This is the HR reporter plasmid shown in Fig. 1
  3. Puromycin Stock:  Used to counter-select cells that have taken up and are expressing DR-HRGFP plasmid (in your specific cell line)
  4. An eGFP transfection control to establish the assay in your own lab
  5. A detailed protocol describing how to set and use this kit for assaying HR mechanisms in the cell host provided

Shipping + Storage

Customers may request receiving a reporter cell line ready for culture (shipped at ambient temperature). The cells can be stored at 4° C for no more than one week before plating. Other reagents should be stored at 4° C (short term) or -20° C (long term) upon receipt. Customers may also request frozen cells, which must be placed in ultra-low freezer (-80° C) or in liquid nitrogen storage, until ready for use.

Product Info

This technology lends itself to live cell imaging (by tracking single GFP+ cells).  Live imaging gives essentially single cell resolution to HR analysis in these cells.  In addition, the descendants of DNA repair can be tracked, since these cells are also GFP positive. See this video for further details on live imaging.

In summary, this kit will allow you to study and analyze HR in a specific cell lineage or cell line using a neutral GFP gene reporter.


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