E. coli DNA Gyrase and Relaxed DNA Assay Kit


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E. coli DNA Gyrase and Relaxed DNA Assay Kit Product Description

The E. coli DNA Gyrase and Relaxed DNA Assay Kit  is designed to provide the investigator quick and specific assays for DNA gyrase.  These kits facilitate the purification and characterization of gyrase by providing controlled reagents that we certify to work.  These kits are also appropriate for the researcher who is interested in large scale screening for novel anti-gyrase active agents.  We matched the amount of DNA gyrase enzyme with the amount of relaxed pHOT-1 DNA to get you going and keep you going on the hunt for new actives and leads.

Kit Contents:

-Relaxed pHOT-1 DNA
-High purity E. coli DNA gyrase enzyme
-Assay buffer
-Dilution buffer for enzyme
-Detailed instruction manual

NOTE: Do not confuse this kit with the DNA Gyrase Assay kit (TG1003) which is designed for researchers who wish to assay for gyrase activity in extracts prepared by the investigator. The DNA Gyrase Assay Kit does not include enzyme.

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Shipping and Storage Instructions:

This kit is shipped on dry ice and must be stored at -70°C for long term or -20°C for shorter term. Note that ATP containing buffers can and will deactivate with repetitive freeze thawing cycles. Given the excellent stability and purity of our gyrase, we recommend that you first check buffer deterioration before assuming loss of enzyme activity.

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