E. coli DNA Gyrase


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E. coli Bacterial DNA Gyrase Product Description

Highly purified DNA Gyrase is offered as a holoenzyme (contains both A,B subunits).  This is an excellent reagent for supercoiling plasmids in vitro or for novel drug screens.

Quality Control Tests:
Nuclease contamination: assayed by testing for linear KDNA and linear plasmid DNA formation.  Incubation of 1 µg of catenated KDNA or supercoiled pUC19 DNA for 4 hrs. at 37°C (under gyrase assay conditions and with or without ATP).

Assay Conditions:
Supercoiling assays are carried out using relaxed pBR-322 DNA under conditions specified in the protocol sheets provided with the product.  We also perform assays using kDNA as substrate.  For details on this decatenation/supercoiling assay please refer to our technical literature (link provided above). One unit of gyrase activity will supercoil 0.2 ug of plasmid in 30 min at 37°C.

Included Materials:
A 5X assay uffer and dilution buffer is included with the enzyme.  These are also sold separately as 5X Gyrase Assay Buffer (TG4030) Gyrase Dilution Buffer (please enquire).

Purification of Gyrase A and B Subunits:

Reviews and Citations

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Shipping and Storage Instructions:

The enzyme is shipped on dry ice and should be stored at -70°C. We also recommend that the enzyme be aliquoted after the first thaw (repeated rounds of freeze/thaw may cause loss of activity); the enzyme activity is stable for 1-3 days on ice.

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